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Remissio when translated from Latin means to “return to its previous state”. To our team that means a return to health and wellness in body, mind and spirit. The butterfly of our logo symbolizes the personal transformation and transition than can happen on our path to health and wellness. The geodesic shape symbolizes the pieces of ourselves that have come together to create a whole. It also represents the practitioners who have come together to work collaboratively for the well being of our clients.

Our center is a collaborative place for health care practitioners to practice together and have access to science based technologies. For our clients we offer an ambiance that promotes relaxation and a variety of treatments that are therapeutic in nature. For our Practitioners we foster an environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.

Remissio is a sole proprietorship owned by Julie Rioux RMT, CMRP. She had a vision of opening a multidisciplinary wellness center that would provide a transparent environment for Health Care Practitioners to come together and collaborate in order to offer the best care possible for their clients.

Technology plays a big role in our center. We offer a wide variety of technology-based therapies that are exclusive to Remissio including Matrix Repatterning, BrainTap, Thermography Clinics and Cardiovascular Health Testing.

We offer direct billing to a long list of insurance companies to make your life easier. We also bill to Blue Cross for our veterans.

What the future holds for Remissio

In the upcoming months we will be adding a studio space to our center where we will be offering yoga classes, workshops, classes and more! We have a large vision for the future so don’t be surprised as more technologies and modalities are introduced in the next couple of years!


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