Matrix Reatterning

A breakthrough treatment method


Are you looking for lasting pain relief? Do you have a stubborn pain that just won't go away? We can help!

Matrix Repatterning is a gentle, non-invasive, over the clothes treatment that relieves tensions and corrects injuries within the body at an extremely deep level. With the use of gentle pressure and the Matrix Pulse Machine Julie is able to identify the hidden, underlying conditions that are contributing to your pain and help eliminate them.

When we get an injury, no matter how minor we think it may be or how long ago it happened, it contributes to the pain pattern on our body. We tend to think that once the injury is gone then our body is healed, but we now know better. Over time, with repeat injuries or everyday bumping and bruising, the body compensates over and over until we start to see symptoms.

With Matrix Repatterning, we are now able to change these patterns that have been left on our bodies over time causing us pain.

How it Works

Treatment involves the application of gentle pressure in a specific way along with the electromagnetic procedure of the Matrix Pulse Machine in order to trigger a response in the tissue to normalize.

With Matrix Repatterning, Julie is able to locate the actual source of your pain and help eliminate it. You see, where you are feeling the pain may not necessarily be the cause; you may be feeling pain in your right shoulder and the source may actually be coming from your left knee.

Before Matrix Repatterning                                 After Matrix Repatterning

Who can benefit from Matrix Repatterning?

This treatment can be done on anyone including, but not limited to, children, pregnant women, anyone with past or current injuries, athletes, military, absolutely anyone.

Clients that have been suffering with migraines, concussion symptoms, and years of chronic pain are now recovering with the help of Matrix Repatterning.

For New Clients

For new clients we recommend booking 6-8 treatments of 45 minutes spaced one week apart, or as your schedule sees fit. There is no obligation to keep all of your booked treatments. If you find that Matrix Repatterning isn’t right for you, it’s easy to cancel those booked appointments.

Your first appointment will be mostly spent doing an extremely thorough assessment of your past injuries, health history, physical assessment etc. From there we will be able to determine the best course of treatment for you.


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