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This Month at Remissio


Happy February, we hope you had a positive month.

We would like to start off by congratulating the winner of our Facebook contest, drum roll please… Connie M, congratulations!

Over the last 2 months we were able to raise 87 Lbs. of food for the North Bay Food Bank. Thank you to all who donated! For more pictures please visit our Facebook page.

February is sweetheart month, this Valentine’s Day why not give a gift that you’ll both enjoy; our massage lotion is available in 2 convenient sizes that can also be combined with essential oils to add scent and therapeutic benefits. Combine the lotion with some chocolates and flowers and you have the perfect gift. Gift Certificates are always available; you don’t need a sweetheart to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. You’re worth it!

This February we would like to spread the love; for every appointment attended this month, your name will be entered into a draw to win a Gift Certificate from our friends at Ruby Yoga! Yoga is great ways to de-stress, clear your mind, and breathe. From beginners to long time yogis, Ruby Yoga welcomes everyone.

Self-love also means that this might be the time to address some of those pesky injuries that keep reminding you with pain signals that they are still there. Matrix Repatterning can help with all types of injuries, from the old to the new, from sore muscles to concussions. It can also be performed on absolutely everyone, including children and pregnant women. It is extremely gentle, yet highly effective. If you want lasting results, Matrix Repatterning is for you. This month, make sure you take care of you!