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October is a time to make some changes in your life. It’s a great time to start thinking about the New Years resolutions or goals that you made back in January and whether you have accomplished them. Did you make a goal to come in for regular treatments? What about drinking your 2L of water every day or stretch every day? It’s not too late to put all those items into action and cross them off your list before end of year. Bring forward the best energy for personal success and celebrate your accomplishments!


To help you accomplish all your goals we have a new treatment available at Remissio. BrainTap is a revolutionary system that uses different frequencies and lights to activate your brain’s peak potential so that you can become a mental powerhouse capable of fashioning any life you desire. BrainTap helps restore your brain’s natural balance so you can feel relaxed, rebooted and revitalized. Weather you are hoping to quit an unhealthy habit, lift your mood, enhance your concentration, no matter the goal BrainTap can help you achieve it.

Speaking of achievements, October also marks Alexandrea’s 1-year anniversary at Remissio! She has been such a great fit for the clinic, we love having her as part of the team and look forward to the next year! Please be sure to congratulate her, on your next visit!

If you haven’t heard yet, we have a new addition to the Remissio Family! His name is Bodhi and he is a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. Bodhi is the name of the sacred tree that Budha sat under where he found spiritual enlightenment. Bodhi loves people and is very much looking forward to meeting you all.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to congratulate the winner of our September draw... Jaclyn J!!



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